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Burning Passion's Chain Maille Poi Chains are a beautiful high-end stainless steel poi chain that will add an incredible flair to your poi. Thanks to it's round shape, it wraps better than any other poi chain, making it so orbitals glide together like a dream without catching. Meticulously built by hand, ring by ring, they look and feel superior to any other poi chain. Each Chain Maille Poi Chain is 12", comes as a full chain set ready to connect to poi heads (not included). They come with a swivel on each end of the chain, quicklinks and your choice of handles.

Please note: These chains are built by hand and are NOT welded. The rings will slowly open from use over time. They require maintenance with needle nose pliers once this starts to happen. You can do this yourself or we can do it for you for a fee. To maintenance on your own, take two needle nose pliers with teeth and close the rings together. It is ideal to use more lightweight heads like 2" or 3" Supremes with these chains.

There are no refunds for these chains.
Sold as a pair.

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