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Twist Link Chain 2.0 mm Nickel Plated

Burning Passion » Products » Hardware » Chain » Twist Link Chain 2.0 mm Nickel Plated

2.0 mm Twist Link Chain is a great poi chain for people that prefer lighter, yet sturdy, welded chain. This size chain is generally preferred by poi spinners that do a lot of chain wraps and orbitals. They do not catch as much during these tricks as larger diameter chain.

Due to it's small size, it can not fit quicklinks through the end of the chain. The alternative is to use Burning Passion industrial-strength split rings to connect to other hardware. Since this chain can not swivel on it's own like ball chain, it is worth noting that this chain will kink up while being spun if swivels are not attached to the handle side of the poi chain.

Sold as continuous length, priced per foot.


Price: $ 3.00

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