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After a lot of burns, the wick on any fire prop will eventually begin to fray and come apart and the prop will need to be replaced or rewicked. Burning Passion's Fire Fans are constructed out of sturdy material with conscientious designs to outlast your typical fire fan. Once the wick on your fans eventually frays and the burn times diminish, you have the option to send it back to us to rewick it for you or you can you can easily wick them yourself with the right tools!

The only custom tool that is needed to rewick your fire fans is the Fire Fan Wicking Tool. It is a 3/16" (.5 cm) thick metal rod that is sharpened on one end.

Simply fold a one foot strip of 1" (2.5 cm) x 1/8" (.3 cm) piece of tape wick on both ends so they meet in the middle. Fold it again in the same manner, so it's double up and then bring both folded up sides together so you have a tightly folded piece of wick. Use the Fire Fan Wicking Tool to push through the middle of the wick so it is skewered onto the tool. Push the wick down through the tool and onto the spoke of your fan.

We will be making a complete video tutorial soon to teach this process. Please get in touch in the meantime if you need further instruction.


Price: $ 10.00

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