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A staple beloved style of fire poi, the monkey fist are widely used due to their longer burn time and comfortable weight. Burning Passion's Monkey Fist Fire Poi are built with experienced skill, perfectly made tight and even, creating a beautifully balanced monkey fist that looks and feels great. Thanks to their rounded shape they create a unique flame: Goodness gracious, great balls o' fire!

Burning Passion's design for building monkey fists is superior in every way. Rather than using a wooden core as the center of the monkey fist, we use one length of continuous rope wick making a smaller 2-bight monkey fist the inner core of our 4-bight monkey fists (Monkeyfistception! A monkey fist within a monkey fist). This gives our monkey fists a perfect shape  and weight while creating a larger capacity for fuel absorption producing a longer burn time. The poi chain connection point for the head is a strong 220 lbs split ring connected to hardware anchored into the very center of our monkey fists, making it far more durable and stronger than any other monkey fist design.

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-Sold as a pair.

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