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The amazing new flowleash: A top quality handle and leash system that we have developed for optimum performance.

Made of flowcord - the first cord designed for poi spinning, all flowleashes include single loop handles with custom pre-lubricated swivels and welded rings for installation. Flowloop handles ("floops") are made of modified flowcord - they are seamless and the most comfortable handle on earth. With floops, you can also easily add/remove flowlight handles or a P3 knob handle for greater functionality.

The new flowleash allows users to adjust and find the perfect leash length, while keeping the leash streamlined and free of obstructions along the entire length of the leash - great for wraps, hyperloops and other moves that find themselves catching or tangling amidst hardware and knots.
Sold as a pair with the larger rings.

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Price: $ 10.00

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