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Our Ball Bearing Swivel is smaller than the normal swivel sold by other fire gear companies, but still just as strong with a load bearing weight of 300 lbs. We prefer the smaller size ball bearing swivel because it eliminates the length of extra hardware needed, making more room for chains to maximize moves like orbitals and chain wraps. Each swivel is a black tint and measures at 6 mm.

Swivels are used as hardware on the length of poi chain allowing the whole chain to swivel, which avoids any tangles for chain that does not swivel on it's own. Welded chain, chain maille or any other chain that kinks up when you twist it will need swivels, while ball chain will not since it swivels on every ball. Only two (2) swivels are really needed for a set of poi, attached to the handle end, to prevent kinking. Some people do prefer four (4) swivels, one on the handle end and one on the poi end for extra swivel action, but it is not generally needed. Four swivels will open up some extra maneuverability which allows making some moves a bit easier like rolling your poi on the ground to spin off the fuel.


Price: $ 2.50

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