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Ball Chain Connectors are used to create a rigging point on the end of ball chain, thanks to the eye opening on one end. Quick links up to 3.5 mm thick fit perfectly in the circular opening. The ball chain connector has a bowl shape with a cut on the other end, which is where the ball on the ball chain rests. Place your ball chain in the bowl shaped end and use a needle nose pliers to close the opening.

Intended for use with size 15 ball chain. It may be used with size 13 ball chain, but not recommended. #15 Type A connectors are used with #15 ball chain. Most common ball chain and connector size used for poi leashes. Anything larger than #15 ball chain will not fit inside this connector. It is made from nickel plated steel.
A poi chain typically needs two (2) ball chain connectors, one for each end. A full set of poi typically needs four (4) total.
Sold individually.


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