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3.0 mm Oval Quicklinks are a reliable way to attach sections of your poi together.  The zinc-plated steel quicklinks are standard issue for all of our poi sets since they serve as an easy way to attach/detach to poi chains. Other hardware can be more permanent with a handle or poi head fixed to the chain. We prefer using quicklinks so the poi spinner will have an easier time switching out their poi hardware.

We highly recommend carrying a pair of needle nose pliers with your fire gear. This will give you the ability to loosen and tighten your quicklinks on the go. For your safety, please make sure you tighten your quicklinks with a tool, do not do it by hand.

We offer 3.0 mm (1/8 in.) oval quicklinks in zinc-plated steel. 3.0 mm thick oval quicklinks have a 200 lb. weight load limit. Quicklinks 3.5 mm and smaller will fit through the eye of a Type A #15 (ball chain) connector.


Price: $ 0.50

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