Split Rings 220 Lbs.

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Strong split rings can take the place of quicklinks, and their smaller profile can sometimes contribute to a sleaker design, or to join components that do not fit quicklinks easily.

Our stainless steel split rings hold 220 lbs, have an outer diameter of .680 in., and an inner diameter of .507 in. We use them in some of our poi chains and Fire Poi heads to attach swivels to link chain, and to integrate swivels into poi heads. Almost all of our poi head designs utilize these split rings by integrating them directly into the hardware of the poi head so it can connect to the poi chain.

Since these split rings are very difficult to open without the right tools, we do not recommend to open it by hand or trying with any tool except split ring pliers. This is good for the safety of your Fire Poi set, but might make it more challenging for you to build your own poi set without split ring pliers.


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