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KEVLAR(R) sewing thread comes in very useful for repairs of frayed wick and fire prop construction. This pre-waxed thread is approximately size 2/0 or size A thread, and comes on a sewing machine spool The spool contains 50 yards (46 meters) of material. When sewing by hand, use multiple passes to reinforce your work, and do not attempt to break by hand.

Hot Kevlar Sewing Thread tip

There is a misconception that KEVLAR(R) thread is resilient to fire. However, if you put an open flame up to a naked strand of the thread, it will burn through. KEVLAR(R) thread is fire resistant, but only in the right application.

When sewing with the thread, always sew back into the point where you just came out, so there is no exposed thread. The thread works best if the stitching is internal to the wick being stitched and not external where it can be burned.


Price: $ 10.00

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